What Does Exposure at the Cottage Mean?

Exposure Cottage Country


When you are in the market for a cottage or a country property, most descriptions of the property will indicate that it receives northern, southern, western or eastern exposure. What does this mean? In real estate, exposure refers to the direction the front of a home is facing. Exposure can be very important depending on how the owner wants to utilize the property and the particulars of the cottage and surrounding structures. The best way to ensure the cottage property you are interested in has the exposure you want is to go look at it at during different points during the day – morning, afternoon and early evening.

Generally, if a house is oriented to the south, it is likely that the yard faces north. There may be less sunlight on the yard because of the shadow that the home casts. With cottage properties, the lots are usually much larger than in the city. Where the cottage is situated may not have an impact on your ability to enjoy the rest of the property. That being said, understanding exposure can impact where you situate you cottage (if you were planning on building your own). If the front of the cottage had a lot of windows in the front, there would be light and heat all day in the house from the sun – which is a definite plus for winters in northern Ontario cottage country.

Generally, cottage properties with western or southern exposures have higher price tags. This can be because of the views of the sunset and the exposure of sun all day. This is not always a rule and it will depend on the placement of the home, height of the home, roof pitch, surrounding trees and latitude. The exposure a country home or cottage receives is not a great way to classify it, but it can have an effect on property value and the enjoyment of the property.

Does Exposure really matter?

Because gardens, grass and trees need light – the sun exposure on your property can affect what is grown there. Also, you want to make sure that the exposure will suit your needs and your dock isn’t covered with shade all day.

A large southern exposure is great up here in the northern cottage country – especially in the winter. The solar heat you receive from a southern exposure can help heat the house on those freezing winter days.

The exposure of a home does not tell take into account where the neighbours, trees and other landmarks that would affect where you want your cottage are located. If you are concerned about where the sun is going to be on the property throughout the day – go, look and see for yourself. This is the only way you are going to know for sure. You do not want to buy a cottage property only to realize that the dock and beach are in the shade all day.

If you are looking for a cottage property are want advice on the different kinds of exposure, feel free to contact me.

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