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Relocating to cottage country is a huge step – especially when children are involved. If you are thinking of moving up north with your kids, check out: for some extra tips and guidelines.

In rural residential areas, choice can sometimes be limited. Whether you are dealing with: real estate, grocery stores, restaurants, places of worship, doctors, toy stores – the list goes on and on. The lack of options can definitely be frustrating at times but it’s a choice many of us are willing make to escape big city life.

If you are thinking of moving to the Near North, a major consideration you will have to make is: what educational opportunities are available for my children?

Our lack of choices generally, do not seem to apply with education. There are 35 elementary schools in the Near North District School Board and 7 secondary schools. Within the Nipissing -Parry Sound Catholic District School Board there are 12 elementary schools and two secondary schools. Each school board also has alternative and continuing education available.

Of the above schools, one in particular made it into Today’s Parent as one of the top 25 schools in Canada. The South Shore Education Centre (SSEC) located in Nipissing on Main Street received the honor. Just because we live in small communities doesn’t mean the education standard in the Near North is lower than in metropolis cities like Toronto.

Once you have decided which school you would like your kids to go to in the Near North, the next consideration is: how long will it take to get there? If you live within the school district and are far enough away from the “walk to school” zone (it ranges 0-3 km, depending on your child’s age) your kids will qualify to take the school bus. There are no extra fees associated with using the school bus. To determine if your family is eligible for the school bus, go to and follow the outlined steps.

If you have any questions about what school your kids should go or whether or not they qualify for the school bus, let me know and I will help you figure it out!


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