Basic Upgrades Selling The Cottage

When you decide it is time to sell your cottage, many people will renovate or remodel in order to increase the value of their country property. The problem is that many people invest too much money in the wrong places and end up losing money when they sell. I have outlined several easy areas to concentrate on when you are getting ready to put your vacation home up for sale.

The first step, when considering renovations for your cabin is to take into account the property values of the other cottages on your lake or in the surrounding community. This will keep you from overpricing your cottage. You want to keep any improvements to your country home consistent with the other properties in your area.

The next thing to consider is colour scheme and design. When you are preparing to sell your cottage, you should consider the tastes of the potential buyers. Design preferences are so broad and subjective that it is best to make sure your country property has neutral tones throughout.  This way, potential buyers can see themselves and their own decor in the cottage without being distracted by yours.

When you do start renovating, you should use environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient appliances. Being green and environmentally aware will appeal to buyers who are eco-conscious and those looking to save on energy costs.

In my opinion, when you are dealing with cottage country real estate, investing a little time and money into improving the landscape can go a long way. When purchasing rural real estate, buyers are interested in the whole property. A cottage with cut grass, bright plants and a well maintained waterfront will invite potential buyers to view the rest of the property. It can mean the difference between selling a cottage quickly for the asking price or having the property sit on the market for months and selling for below asking price.

If you are considering undertaking even more extensive renovations, there are certain areas that have been proven to hold the majority of value on the resale. Renovating the kitchen, updating the washrooms and putting down hardwood or laminate are all great ideas that will help sell your cottage. If you are considering remodeling your cottage, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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