Sage Real Estate’s salespeople live and work in the communities that they serve thereby giving them valuable insight into trends, benefits and client suitability. From an insider’s view and perspective of the Toronto marketplace, we know where to find properties that match your lifestyle and wish list.

The strategic advantage of a Sage Real Estate salesperson is how the needs of buyers and sellers are related to and uniquely understood.

We represent the most desirable properties in the most sought-after Toronto locations to accommodate buyers and sellers at every stage of their lives. The home of your dreams may well be amongst our current inventory of available properties.

Our expertise encompasses all housing types including: single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, lofts and apartments, co-ops, and multi-unit buildings. We welcome first time purchasers, local buyers and those relocating to Toronto, as well as current owners wishing to sell their houses, trade up or acquire income-producing properties.

Our goal is to orchestrate a process that makes your experience in buying real estate a smooth, enjoyable and productive one.

Your city, your dreams, your way.

Having a salesperson working for you who understands this can actually make the difference between you attaining or not attaining your goals. Let Sage Real Estate find you a great agent. Neighbourhoods from North Toronto down to the waterfront, we know them all. Our salespeople are diverse and experienced too.


Article 1» Your real estate team

You will acquire your own team of professionals to support you throughout the process. Your first string players are:

  1. The Listing Broker/Salesperson
  2. The Co-operating Broker/Salesperson
  3. Lender

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Article 2» Renting vs Buying

They are a Good Investment – Homes in Toronto have appreciated an average of 11% per year over the past 25 years. Area to area, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, and house to house the percentages may vary but Toronto Real Estate has prove… Read more

Article 3» Why use a professional sales rep

The assistance of the right salesperson can be of real benefit to you. While it is possible to find your next home yourself, most buyers opt to use a realtor because of the wide array of services… Read more

Article 4» How to go about choosing the right sales rep

It is important to take your time selecting a professional to represent you in your purchase. One of the biggest mistakes a buyer can make is assuming that all Realtors are the same and begin working with the first one they come across only… Read more

Article 5» Understanding agency relationships

The answer is “Not always”. In previous years, the seller’s agent (the listing agent) and the co-operating agent bringing an offer from a buyer (the selling agent or sub-agent) were both legally considered to…Read more

Article 6» Time to start looking

You should share with your salesperson your needs and wants list and your price range comfort zone. Your salesperson will research the market for properties which seem to fulfill your… Read more

Article 7» A 15 point property hit list

Before you make your final decision to submit an offer an a property critically assess it from the following… Read more

Article 8» Condominiums

The word condominium describes a form of land ownership and not a type of building. The most common type of condominium in Toronto would be the apartment-style in either a high-rise or low-rise… Read more

Article 9» The ABCs of making an offer

These sellers may have listened to a real estate agent over-inflate the value of their home in an effort to obtain a listing. They may even have ridiculously overpriced it themselves. There is a natural tendency.. Read more

Article 10» Insider secrets on bidding wars

Purchasing a home can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. One aspect guaranteed to challenge everyone is a bidding war or two. The excitement is not only limited to the buyers and their agents but sellers… Read more

Article 11» Hints in the fine art of negotiating

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes. Do this for virtually every aspect of your offer. Your goal is to get the house you want. Imagining how the seller will react to each part of your offer will help you attain that… Read more

Article 12» Ins and outs of Home Inspections

A house inspection is an objective and impartial examination and evaluation of a residential structure and its various operating systems. Rather than an inspector designating a pass or fail grade to a property after… Read more

Article 13» Insurance

The insurance requirements associated with home ownership can be complex as there is no one-stop insurance shop to fill every insurance need. Some insurance gets placed by your lender or mortgage broker… Read more

Article 14» Role of lawyer on Buyer’s side

The buying process involves a number of legalities. Sound legal representation is not merely a suggestion, it is a requirement. Your lawyer will protect your rights and make sure you actually get what you’re paying… Read more

Article 15 »Twenty-two deadly mistakes to avoid

Wise people learn from other’s mistakes. Your purchase will be easier… Read more