Buying Spring Real Estate in Cottage Country

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People who are buying cottages often wonder when the best time to buy is. Cottage hunting in each season can come with both problems and benefits. Since we are heading into the spring market, I thought I would focus my attention on the benefits of beginning your search for the perfect Ontario cottage now.

Spring in cottage country usually marks the beginning of the summer real estate market and up north. And, it can begin at different points each year. Just last year at this time, we were lounging by the lake, basking in the sun. This year, the ground is still covered with at least 6 inches of snow and we are still seeing flurries a couple times a week. You might wonder what the weather has to do with searching for the perfect recreational property. It really influences how you will view the property and its waterfront.

If you are concerned about privacy, spring is the best time to look for a cottage. Because the leaves on the trees have not grown back you can gage the privacy level throughout property and see how exposed your cottage will be to the neighbours and the road when privacy will be at its lowest point during the year.

Generally in the spring, the melting snow and ice allows you see the shoreline. The water level will be higher from the melted snow and probably will not remain swollen. Fall is the best time to view a shoreline as the water levels have dropped and you can see what the shoreline looks like with low water levels. Winter is one of the worst times to buy waterfront – unless you know the area and the lake you are buying on, the shoreline would be a mystery underneath the snow and ice.

Another benefit to hunt for a cottage in the spring is that it is the wettest time of the year. For a cottage, water is the enemy. When hunting for your perfect country home, you will get a good sense of how dry it will stay during the wet season. You will even be able to see how water logged and muddy the grounds will get.

Another great perk to buying recreational property in the spring? Being able to enjoy it all summer of course!

If you are thinking of starting your own search for the perfect cottage or country home; feel free to contact me for some helpful tips for buying property in Ontario cottage country.

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