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Closing Costs For Your Recreational Home

Closing Costs At The Cottage

It is important to have a budget when you are looking for a cottage or recreational home. Most people do have a number in mind when they begin their search for the perfect property. But what many people do not include in their budget, especially first time home buyers – are their closing costs. Closing costs generally range from 1.5% …

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Cottage Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Cottagecountry Real Estate Terms

Buying a home for the first time can be a stressful experience. Purchasing a cottage or country home for the first time is no exception. Learning the real estate lingo for cottage country is a great first step at making the process of buying or selling your country home a little easier. Below I have compiled a list of terms …

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What Does Exposure at the Cottage Mean?

Exposure Cottage Country

  When you are in the market for a cottage or a country property, most descriptions of the property will indicate that it receives northern, southern, western or eastern exposure. What does this mean? In real estate, exposure refers to the direction the front of a home is facing. Exposure can be very important depending on how the owner wants …

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Buying Spring Real Estate in Cottage Country

Canoe Rough

People who are buying cottages often wonder when the best time to buy is. Cottage hunting in each season can come with both problems and benefits. Since we are heading into the spring market, I thought I would focus my attention on the benefits of beginning your search for the perfect Ontario cottage now. Spring in cottage country usually marks …

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