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How to Handle Mosquitos

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With summer finally upon us in the Near North’s cottage country,  it is only a matter of time before the bugs descend on us too! Right now, rural life is perfect. The sun is shining, it’s hot outside and there are no bugs yet. It is a result of the spring snow we had – last week! Unfortunately, it doesn’t …

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Find the Perfect Hot Tub for the Cottage

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  Submerging yourself in a bubbling hot tub and watching the sun set over the lake after an exhausting day of enjoying the outdoors sounds divine. Hot tubs can definitely add to the therapeutic nature of the cottage. They can be relaxing and rejuvenating while remaining a popular social activity. Finding the perfect hot tub for your recreational home can …

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Solar Energy for the Cottage

Solar Energy

With the cost of hydroelectricity consistently on the rise, people are looking for alternative energy sources to help cut down on costs. A type of alternative energy that makes economic sense in Ontario cottage country is solar panels. They are eco-friendly electric generators, have no moving parts, zero emissions, require very little maintenance and convert sunlight into electrical energy. Living …

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Spring Cleaning Cottage

With the snow on the ground finally melting and winter giving way to spring there is no shortage of home maintenance to be done in cottage country. If you are looking for chores to do around your country home – start with the fireplace or wood stove. At the end of a long winter filled with roaring fires, it is …

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Winter Cottage Maintenance

Cabin Renovation

Having you cottage inspected on a regular basis and by keeping up with maintenance are the best ways to protect your investment. And yet, regular upkeep and maintenance are almost always dreaded because it is seen as such an overwhelming task. I would like to compile a list of maintenance that you might find helpful for each season in cottage …

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With the extreme high and low temperatures we have been experiencing around the globe, I wonder what this means for cottage country? But more specifically, what does it mean for your cottage, this winter?  The possibility of discovering something has gone amiss in your absence is very realistic. Having a neighbour up north or someone you can trust to go …

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