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Renovating the Cottage

ModelCottage Mockup V1

Renovating any home can be an onerous task. Renovating a cottage is no different. People will choose to renovate for many different reasons, whatever your reason is for renovating your cottage – whether it is for your own long term enjoyment or to increase the value in preparation to sell, here are a couple of renovations that you can never …

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Keeping Your Cottage Safe

How To Keep Your Cottage Safe

It is definitely the season for winterizing summer cottages and recreational homes in cottage country. Ensuring your cottage deters crooks in the off season is an important, and often ignored part of winterizing any home.  There are several universal tips for making your cottage as safe from break ins as possible. Here they are: 1. Lock Everything It sounds straight forward …

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Your Water Source at the Cottage

Water Source

Buying a cottage or rural property can definitely be challenging. You need to be aware of so many things you would never even think to consider when buying real estate in the city.  When you are thinking of purchasing rural real estate in Ontario, you may just want to think twice about the water. Many cottage properties and country homes …

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Access to Quality Education in the Near North


Relocating to cottage country is a huge step – especially when children are involved. If you are thinking of moving up north with your kids, check out: for some extra tips and guidelines. In rural residential areas, choice can sometimes be limited. Whether you are dealing with: real estate, grocery stores, restaurants, places of worship, doctors, toy stores – the …

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Welcome to

This blog is designed to highlight the real questions, concerns, solutions and discussions that we have about lifestyle and real estate living in northern cottage country.  I hope that I can shed light on the problems that I have encountered and wondered about since I moved to Nipissing Township from Toronto. If there is a question you have about your …

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