Find the Perfect Hot Tub for the Cottage

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Submerging yourself in a bubbling hot tub and watching the sun set over the lake after an exhausting day of enjoying the outdoors sounds divine. Hot tubs can definitely add to the therapeutic nature of the cottage. They can be relaxing and rejuvenating while remaining a popular social activity. Finding the perfect hot tub for your recreational home can be the addition you have been looking for. With a little bit of research you can find the right choice – especially if you keep these pointers in mind:


Where are you planning on putting the hot tub? If you are planning on putting it on an existing deck, it will probably have to be reinforced to handle the extra weight – make sure you check with the municipality to see if you need a permit! The tub needs to be on level ground so if you are not putting it on an existing deck, you may need to level out the ground with concrete or gravel.

Next, you need to make sure that its parts are accessible for maintenance and repair.

Finally, make sure you consider the view. You do not want to spend the money on a hot tub if the view is bad.


An important area to consider before investing in a home spa is the cost. What will buying a hot tub cost me initially?  And what will it cost me long term?

You will be able to purchase a decent hot tub for under $10, 000. This should cover the cost of the unit, delivery and set up. That being said, there may be more costs associated with installation such as an electrical hookup with a ground fault circuit interrupter and a concrete base to level out the hot tub.

If you are trying to save money, buying a cheaper hot tub may end up costing you more in the long run. This is because inexpensive models will probably have thinner covers, less efficient pumps and heaters and less insulation which means your operating costs are quickly going to outweigh the upfront savings.

It’s important to know that after installation there will be more costs associated with the maintenance of the hot tub.


A hot tub requires maintenance weekly to keep running well so make sure to factor in regular upkeep costs such as chemicals and electricity.

If your cottage is in the Near North and you are going to be using it seasonally, make sure you winterize the hot tub properly. Just draining the tub will not be sufficient. You should leave the drain open, disconnect all the pumps, blow out all the water lines and use a winter cover to protect the hot tub. This will keep the hot tub running well and will probably save you money in service calls.

Hot tubs can be great fun at the cottage. They have a way of bringing family and friends together to enjoy the great outdoors. Just make sure to factor in all the costs associated with hot tubs before you jump in!


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  1. Judy C. DowneyJudy C. Downey05-31-2013

    Submerging in a bubbling hot tub and watching the sun set over the lake after a long and tiring day is definitely a great idea. I know all these great benefits that come with buying a hot tub. I just wonder how much it would cost me to buy one.

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