Renovating the Cottage

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Renovating any home can be an onerous task. Renovating a cottage is no different. People will choose to renovate for many different reasons, whatever your reason is for renovating your cottage – whether it is for your own long term enjoyment or to increase the value in preparation to sell, here are a couple of renovations that you can never go wrong with:


Everyone loves a great kitchen. Cottages are no exception. The kitchen renovation is the one renovation that will add value to your property while at the same time increase your enjoyment and the enjoyment of your family. This is the room that everyone gathers in – meals are made, wine is shared and memories are created.

When you are redoing the kitchen make sure that you include adequate storage and counter space. And if you are going to be upgrading the appliances (a quick makeover that can never go wrong), make sure that the electrical work is up to date and working efficently and safely.

If you are planning the renovation with the intent to sell your cottage, make sure you don’t over do it. Your kitchen should be appropriate for the cottage that it’s in, otherwise you may have trouble getting your investment out.

The Septic System

Septic systems are built to last about 25 years. If yours is getting old, consider replacing it. Especially if you have been expanding the size of your cottage over the years. In many cases, your septic system may not even be the right size for your cottage. I can promise you that no buyer wants to be dealing with septic issues. This is definitely one investment that will pay off.

Winterizing the Cottage

More and more people are winterizing their cottage by adding insulating features to your cottage. In older cottage especially, insulation makes sense not only in the walls but also in the roofs, under the floor and of course around the pipes. This will give you a cooler cottage in the summer and a warmer cottage in the winter. While you are winterizing your cottage, upgrading the windows to double panes is also a good idea. With year round cottages gaining more appeal it is definitely a selling feature.

The Deck

No cottage is complete without a deck. The deck is where you relax and entertain guests. Ideally, the deck should be built on the sunny side of the cottage, overlooking the water or another scenic view. It needs space for a BBQ and for a storage container to store the cushions for your pillows. Your deck should be constructed with safety in mind – so be sure to keep in mind the weight, size and safety features. Make sure to have handrails along the stairs and that you incorporate railings into the design. Perhaps the most important thing is making sure that the deck suits your cottage, lifestyle and budget.

If you are getting ready to sell the cottage and are looking for some advice feel free to contact me directly.


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