Sage Real Estate knows that the selling and buying of personal residences are the most important financial transactions made by most people during their lifetime.

The pledge we make to our sellers is to use all of our resources to obtain the highest price for your property in the least amount of time.  To achieve this we couple our business expertise in sales and negotiations with marketing strategy, internet utilization, advertising, community and public relations. Throughout the process we will bring to bear our knowledge, integrity, experience, and industry connections.

We take this job most seriously and use an advisory, consultative approach with our sellers.

Our agents well understand the complex process and intricacies of selling a property in Toronto’s often fast paced marketplace.  Our goal is to orchestrate the process that makes your experience in selling real estate smooth and most positive – while achieving your best possible financial results.   To accomplish this we have designed a seamless multi-integrated system with the latest in technology to assist in the process.

Correctly pricing a home at the outset is essential whatever the current market.  When it is time to sell, Sage Real Estate’s organizational expertise and support is utilized to help price your property for maximum financial return.  Specific listing marketing strategies to reflect current trends are suggested for Seller consideration.

New listing information gets quickly transmitted to Toronto’s MLS system for immediate access and full exposure to its 29,000 salespeople.   Immediate notification is delivered to our in-house marketing department for the development of quality sales literature, direct mail services and other marketing initiatives. Marketing must be purposeful and memorable to be effective. We have always been regarded as an innovator in real estate marketing.   High quality marketing materials have been designed to attract notice and communicate values along with memorable impressions amongst agents, clients and the industry.

All of these advantages combine to get your home sold quickly and for the right price.

Please consider experiencing our commitment to service excellence and meticulous attention to detail yourself.  Let Sage Real Estate assist you at the beginning of your selling process by matching you with the right salesperson.

Thank you for trusting us with this most important decision.


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