The Benefits of Owning a Cottage in an Unorganized Township


In the Near North, unorganized townships are prevalent. Populations are small and territory is large. The area where these townships can be found is between Georgian Bay and Lake Nipissing in the District of Parry Sound. These unorganized townships have no governing bodies and are not incorporated as municipalities. The territory consists of two areas located south of the French River and Lake Nipissing and East of Georgian Bay.

The people, like myself, who in habitat in these areas are often times those who rebelled against the constraints of city living: city government, taxes, rules and regulations, building permits, building codes and bylaws. Most people living in an unorganized township crave privacy and a laissez-faire approach by the government.

Privacy is not the only bonus to living in an unorganized township. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect is the freedom to build. Because there is no municipality, there is nowhere to apply for building permits. In many cottage dominated areas of central Ontario, building a new boathouse, bunkie, shed or addition can be an absolute nightmare. Not only are applying for permits difficult but they are restricting and expensive.

When you buy your own piece of cottage real estate, you want to be able to have the freedom to modify and improve your land. The reality is, that in many municipalities in and around cottage country, building permits are difficult to get. In addition, a new tax called Development Charges are “imposed on new development in a municipality to recover the capital cost of the additional necessary municipal infrastructure to continue to provide existing levels of municipal services.” This new tax covers the entire District of Muskoka.

There is a downside to unorganized townships. There is no organized government. What that means, is there is no township councillor to pursue for better roads or recreational facilities, or to kick out of office if you are dissatisfied with those services. That being said, where I am, the roads are in good condition – the highway was repaved last summer and in my opinion, snow removal is excellent. Our roads are clear almost as soon as the snow falls.

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