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With the extreme high and low temperatures we have been experiencing around the globe, I wonder what this means for cottage country? But more specifically, what does it mean for your cottage, this winter?  The possibility of discovering something has gone amiss in your absence is very realistic. Having a neighbour up north or someone you can trust to go and check in on your cottage would be a good idea. It might save you a headache (or two) when you head up north to open your weekend oasis for the summer.

Finding a flood because there was a crack in your foundation is quite realistic. Having the temperature rise drastically in the winter will cause snow to melt suddenly and cause this water to come rushing in through the crack. If no one is around to notice for months, there are going to be some serious problems.  In addition to a potentially flooded cabin, you might find a wildlife infestation or a collapsed roof. Perhaps a heavy snowfall caused the roof to sag?

You should speak to your local cottage association to see what kind of assistance is offered. Some associations will check cottages throughout the winter. Joining a cottage association can give you piece of mind – knowing that if there is a problem, it will be discovered before it can cause too much damage.

Extreme weather is not threatening to destroy our vacation homes, yet; it is just exposing problems that already exist.

Another winter issue that seasonal cottagers have to face is theft. It has always been a problem for seasonal cottages that remain vacant from Thanksgiving to Victoria Day. By joining Cottage Watch or any other cottage association, you would be joining a community-based crime prevention program that is organized and operated by concerned residents.  If you are forced to leave valuable items in your cottage for the winter, you should compile a list of these items complete with serial numbers and pictures –just in case they go missing.

If you do not want to join a cottage association, make sure someone you trust is checking in on your property regularly during the winter so you will not be met with surprises in the spring!

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