Winter is a great time for comfort foods like stew and chilli. It is also a great time for barbecuing! Probably the last thing most people think when they gaze out of their cabin window at the snow covered landscape would be grilling something delicious on the BBQ. One of the greatest parts of living in cottage country is the ability to grill as much of my food as I want (when I was living in a condo, I didn’t have this luxury)!

Living in Northern Ontario, my grilling season would be rather short if I stopped once the temperature started hovering around zero degrees. The past few winters, I have come up with some helpful tips for anyone courageous enough to brave the winter weather for a great steak!

  1. Make sure you dress warmly. AVOID scarves and other loose fitting clothes that could come in contact with the grill.
  2. Allow twice the time to pre-heat the BBQ. Also, clean the snow and ice off the top of the grill to help it heat faster.
  3. Buy a meat thermometer to make sure the meat is cooked perfectly.
  4. “If you’re looking – you aren’t cooking!”  Keep the lid down or all the heat will escape.
  5. Find a good location for the BBQ to minimize exposure to the winter elements. Make sure it is in an uncovered, well-ventilated area.

Barbecuing in the dead of winter can definitely be a challenge and is not for everyone. That being said, if you live or visit cottage country in the winter you probably already do it!


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